A link between smoking and schizophrenia?
Read, seen, heard 19/10/2015
A new study from King's College London shows that smoking cigarettes may increase the risk of developing a psychosis. The findings were published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. Source : Le Journal de Montréal This is not the first time that scientists hav...
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New Perspectives on Schizophrenia
Read, seen, heard 07/09/2015
Le Monde published an article that offers a new perspective on schizophrenia and how to prevent it. Prevent Schizophrenia? It is an entirely realistic objective according to Professor Marie-Odile Krebs: "We can now offer early treatment, even before the first episode...
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Predicting the risk of psychosis in individuals at risk
Researches 23/07/2015
An international partnership helped the team of Prof. Marie-Odile Krebs (INSERM, Paris Descartes University) to identify 22 plasma biomarkers that predict the risk of psychosis in individuals at risk (analyses conducted at Cambridge). What you should know : Psychotic diso...
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