The renewal of psychiatry is underway and it is a long term project.

To support the Pierre Deniker Foundation to serve the needs of patients and relatives suffering from mental illness, and help continue its mission several features are available:

The Pierre Deniker Foundation is authorized to receive donations and legacies, and can be designated as the beneficiary of an estate. The donation and / or bequests are acts that require the assistance of a notary or attorney. Before establishing a will, obtain all the necessary information as to their validity and to ensure their proper implementation.


Donation : terms and limits


Donation may concern so-called personal property (works of art ...) or real estate (land, houses ...), income from rental property or from a stock portfolio. It can only be applied to the ownership of property which makes it possible to reserve the utilization of the property for the benefit of another person. Two conditions are needed if the donation is to be done legally. The donor must own the property at the date of the gift. The donation must not prejudice the rights of heirs.


Temporary usufruct donation : terms and limits


You can transfer temporarily to the Pierre Deniker Foundation income from your property, and then recover full ownership of your funds after three years or more. The value of the property granted as a temporary donation is not included as part of the wealth tax calculation during the divestment period.


Bequests : terms and limits


This gift made by will, which takes effect after the testator's death, may be modified or canceled during the lifetime of the testator. Bequests to the Pierre Deniker Foundation are exempt from inheritance tax. Thus you have the assurance that all the assets are transferred or used for the missions of the Pierre Deniker Foundation.


For more information : contact@fondationpierredeniker.org