Why help the Pierre Deniker Foundation ? Research on mental illness in France is experiencing not only a dramatic decline in public funding but also stereotypes and negative images that are both brakes on care and support.

It is urgent to raise public awareness concerning psychic diseases, destigmatize those affected and change behavior and attitudes. It is urgent to support research and foster innovation. It is time for psychiatry to have genuine ambitions that meet the economic, societal and human challenges to improve access to care and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Through your donation, you participate in research and prevention in mental health.

By supporting the Pierre Deniker Foundation, you will help to : Support research programs in France and internationally to improve the knowledge and develop multidisciplinary synergies between research teams.

Make available to citizens information tools that will help them better manage their mental health.

Help society to change its view on mental disorders:  the fight against discrimination, the struggle against misinformation and the effort to end the stigmatization.

You can help mental health research by sending your donation by mail accompanied by the Support Bulletin you can download (here).  Send your check and the completed form to :

Fondation Pierre Deniker - Attn Aude Ollé-Laprune - 36 avenue Raymond Poincaré - 75016 Paris, France

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