Thanks to your donations, the Pierre Deniker Foundation contributes to research and prevention in mental health. YOUR DONATIONS WILL BE UTILIZED AND ARE PRECIOUS to all activities of the foundation. If you wish to participate in a particular project, we are at your disposal to talk about how best to proceed.

The Foundation is an officially recognized public service organization. The Pierre Deniker Foundation can receive donations eligible for tax reductions and credits. Your donation is deductible from income tax (IRPP), the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) or corporate tax (IS).


Under French tax law you get a tax reduction of up to 66% of the amount of donations made to the Pierre Deniker Foundation, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income. Beyond this limit, you can carry forward for 5 years the amount of surplus and benefit from the tax reductions under the same conditions.

For example:  For a donation of 50 € with the tax deduction it only costs you 17 €.


Through recent legislation, you can deduct 75% of your donation from your tax on capital (ISF) up to the amount of 50,000 €.

A simple calculation:  to be exempt from the ISF tax and see it all attributed to the actions of the Pierre Deniker Foundation, you must make a donation equal to your ISF divided by 0.75.

For example:  If you are liable to wealth tax of 3,750 € and donate 5,000 € to the Pierre Deniker Foundation, you will not have to pay any ISF tax and the Pierre Deniker Foundation will benefit from 5,000 € for mental health, thanks to your generosity.


Under French tax law corporations get a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of the donation within the limit of 5 ‰ of net turnover of the business. Beyond this limit or for years showing a deficit, the excess is carried over for the next five years, within the limit of 5 ‰.

For example:  for a donation of 5,000 € to the Pierre Deniker Foundation, up to 2,000 € can be deducted from corporate taxes.

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What French law says:  click here

For non-residents who pay no French taxes, please consult your national tax authorities.

If you want to support a particular project, please contact us by email:  Aude Ollé-Laprune